Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tylers First year poll vaulting

Tyler has just started track this year and is doing outstanding. His coaches say that for a freshman he has alot of potential. He's highest is 10'6". And it is only the beginning of the season. Way to go Tyler....Your AwEsOmE!!!!

Our State Champion!!!

The St Johns Wrestling team took first place this year. They all worked so hard to achieve this goal. It has been since, I think like 10 years or longer that the Wrestling team has taken first.

We are so proud of TJ, he has worked so hard this year to be a State Champion. What a great accomplishment that he will remember forever.. We love you son!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

We are headed for State

Well TJ and Tyler went to regions today and TJ ended up taking 1st place and Tyler ended up taking 3rd. They both did really well I am so proud of them. St Johns ended up taking 1st place at the tournament...Way to go boys!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Results are GOOD

Well I got my results back and they look good. The doctor thinks that he got all the cancer out and I should be, he said 99% clean . . . of course there is the 1%, that's left to save their butts!!! No but I love the doctor who did this he was really really awesome. What a scare but glad we got it done ASAP. This pic above is the skin grafting job he did. I am going to have a gruesome scar....war wound my kids call it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busy Busy am I

Wow how I have been so busy. Chasing these boys around and getting my girls to the places they need to go. Wrestling is almost over with one more tournament and then region and on to state. Its been an exciting year. Tj almost didn't make weight last night at the Joe city Multi. I told him to lay off the candy and sweets but he is alot like his Mom and has a hard time passing sweets by. If we could all be like Tyler MR. HEALTH FREAK:) LOVE YA BUD.. . . He knows how to pass them by. He gets his nose down there and takes a big sniff and that does is for him. If only smell could take place of how it tastes. . .

I have also had a scare this last week that has put alot of perception of how little time we have here on earth. I went to the doc the other day and asked about a mole that I had on the back of my leg, he did a biopsy of it and it came back positive. He had me in surgery in like 5 days. They shot up a dye up my leg and took the nearest lymph node to have it biopsied to make sure it has not spread. So we are waiting on the results. I have learned this is not something to mess with and for all you that have any concerns about a mole you might have get it checked out. Never did I think I would have to go through this. The sun and I are now going to have to spend little time with each other and bye bye to the Tanning Bed :( I just want to thank all my friends that have been there for me, I love ya to death and since your reading this I really do appreciate you and all your support this last week.

Monday, December 22, 2008

More Memories

Again such good friends. . .They have been buddies for a long time. . .Where the heck does time go. My baby is a senior this year and I am having the hardest and I mean HARDEST time with this. I blinked and miss where the time went. I sure do love TJ, he has the most cutest smile, he is such a hard worker and loves to do his best in whatever he puts his mind to. Not only that he is such a Cutie!!!!!I love you son more then words could ever say....I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments . . .YOU ROCK!!!!

TJ's start of Wrestling

Blue Ridge Tournament

Coach Johnson and TJ (boy are they cute)
Camp Verde Tournament

The start of Wrestling is one of my most funnest times with my boys. We have been to 2 tournaments and TJ has taken first place in his weight class. And was all around wrestler for one of them. He is working very hard and has a goal to be state champion this year.
Tyler is having a hard time this year as a freshman with a 20 lb gain from last year he is in a heavier weight class and has to wrestle off a Junior for the 130 lb position. He could go down a weight but that would mean he would have to wrestle off his brother. . .In his mind he has this big brother will always win me, even though he has like 5 lb on him. But he is getting better and his goal is to bet the JR for the 130 lb position.